Executive Board

Executive Board Roles and Responsibilities

CJJ Executive Board Members can log in to the Board Portal to find orientation and meeting materials.

The Executive Board holds legal, fiduciary, strategic, and policy-setting authority for CJJ and is empowered to take action between meetings of the Council of SAGs. All members are voluntary and serve without remuneration.

There is potential for the Executive Board to have as many as 20 members, all of whom serve staggered two-year terms. They are elected or appointed as follows:

  • The CJJ National Chair, Vice Chair, Immediate Past Chair, Treasurer/Secretary, Youth Chair, and Ethnic & Cultural Diversity Chair – are elected by the CJJ Council of SAGs;
  • The National Juvenile Justice Specialist Representative and the National DMC Coordinator Representative are elected by Specialists and DMC Coordinators, respectively, who work with SAGs in good member standing with CJJ;
  • Four Regional Chairs and Four Regional Representatives are elected by SAG members, Affiliate Organization members, and Members at Large within each of CJJ’s four regions. All Regional Chairs must represent a member SAG; and
  • One representative is elected to serve on behalf of any organization under the fiscal sponsorship of, and that has signed a memorandum of understanding with, CJJ. Currently, the National Juvenile Justice Network (NJJN), has such a representative.


Executive Board Members
The Honorable Steve Teske (GA)
National Chair
Chief Judge, Clayton County
Edward L. Palmer, Sr. (KY)
National Vice Chair
Member, Kentucky Juvenile Justice Advisory Board


Cecely Reardon (MA)
Immediate Past Chair
Department of Youth Services

Mark Hutchinson (MA)
Justice Resource Institute


Andrew Smith (NH)
Ethnic & Cultural Diversity Chair
DMC Coordinator
Michelle Diaz (NY)
Emerging Leaders Committee Chair
New York State Advisory Group Member


The Honorable Michael Mayer (MN)
Midwestern Region Chair
Minnesota State Advisory Group Member, State District Court Judge, 1st Judicial District, Minnesota
Danny Turek (OH)
Midwestern Region Representative
Department of Youth Services


Amy Davenport (VT)
Northeastern Region Chair
Chief Administrative Judge (Ret.)
Antonia Thompson (CT)
Northeastern Region Representative
Project Coordinator, Restorative Justice Project, Stamford Youth Services Bureau


The Honorable John Dewese (SC)
Southern Region Chair
South Carolina Governor's Juvenile Justice Advisory Council
Hasan Davis (KY)
Southern Region Representative


Shirley Liles (NC)
Southern Region Representative
The Honorable Joan Byer (KY)
Southern Region Representative
Bowles & Byer Family Law Mediation


Stacie Nelson Colling (CO)
Western Region Chair
Juvenile Defense Coordinator, Colorado Office of the Alternate Defense Council
Miguel Garcia (CA)
Western Region Representative
State Advisory Committee on Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention


Jessica Wheeler (MD)
National Juvenile Justice Specialist
Director of Juvenile Justice, Governor's Office of Crime Control and Prevention
Craig Hargrow (TN)
National DMC Coordinator Representative
Juvenile Justice Division Director, Tennessee Commission on Children and Youth