Juvenile Justice Treatment Continuum
Kansas Annual Report to the Governor
Kansas DMC Pilot Project Report (Oct. 1, 2004-Sept. 30, 2007)
Kansas Grant Application Procedure Manual 2011
Kansas SAG 2009 Annual Report
Kansas SAG Bylaws
Kansas State Advisory Group 2009 Annual Report
Kansas Three Year Plan 2009-2011
Kansas Title II Formula Funds Application Packet
Kansas Title V Application Packet
Key Elements of Transition Planning to Prevent Youth Homelessness
Knowledge Brief: Are Minority Youths Treated Differently in Juvenile Probation? - Models for Change Resource
Knowledge Brief: Does Mental Health Screening Fulfill its Promise - Models for Change Resource
Latino Youth Fact Sheet
Law Enforcement and Homelessness
Law Enforcement Based Diversion Strategic Innovations from the Mental Health Juvenile Justice Action Network - Models for Change Resource
Letter of Intent to Join CJJ's Membership
Leveraging Critical Juvenile Justice Funds to Support Detention & Equity Reform
LGBTQ Youth and Status Offenses
Maine Three Year Plan 2009-2011