CJJ Principal Responsibilities for Individual Executive Board Member
CJJ Recommendations for the 113th Congress
CJJ Recommendations for President  Barack Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder 
CJJ Strategic Plan 2011-2014
CJJ's Amicus Brief on the Juvenile Death Penalty
CJJ/NJJN Press Release: "Bipartisan Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Act Introduced"
CJJ’s 2013 Hill Day Training Webinar: How to Advocate for Juvenile Justice
Collateral Consequences of Juvenile Delinquency Proceedings in California - Models for Change Resource
Collecting and Analyzing Data on Racial and Ethnic Disparities The Peoria Pilot Project - Models for Change Resource
Community Based Responses to Adolescent Domestic Battery: Innovative Practices from Illinois Models for Change Demonstration Sites
Comprehensive Strategy for Serious, Violent, and Chronic Juvenile Offenders
Comprehensive System Change Initiative  (CSCI): A Model for Transforming Systems to  Improve Response to Youths with Mental  Health Needs in Contact with the Juvenile  Justice System
Costs of Confinement Fact Sheet
Creating a Coordinated and Integrated Child Welfare & Juvenile Justice System: Improving Outcomes for Our Most Disadvantaged Delinquent Offenders
Creating a Coordinated and Integrated Child Welfare & Juvenile Justice System to Improve Outcomes
Creating and Using Dashboards to Promote Transparency, Accountability, Collaboration, Superior Performance, and Significantly Improved Outcomes
Creative Approaches Using Medicaid & Other Funding Sources
Deinstitutionalization of Status Offenders (DSO): Facts and Resources
Demonstrating Accountability and Effectiveness using National Performance-based Standards and Outcomes
Demonstrating Accountability  and Effectiveness Using    National Performance ‐ based  Standards (PbS) and  Outcomes