Denver Intergovernmental Agreement Concerning the Funding, Implementation, and Administration of Programs Involving Police Officers in Schools
Disproportionate Minority Contact and Status Offenses
Disproportionate Minority Contact Fact Sheet
Disproportionate Minority Contact: Tshaka Barrows' Presentation
DMC Conference DRAFT Agenda
DMC Performance Measures - Models for Change Resource
Doorways to Delinquency Multi-System Involvement of Delinquent Youth in King County Seattle WA - Models for Change Resource
Educational Aftercare and Reintegration Toolkit for Juvenile Justice Professionals - Models for Change Resource
Effective Tools for Local/State Probation Offices Innovation Brief
Effective Transition Through Systems of Care: Collaborative Community Supports as a Means to Success for System – Involved Youth
Eliminating the VCO Exemption H.R. 4123 Bill Language
Exercising Judicial Leadership to Reform the Care of Non-Delinquent Youth: A Convenor’s Action Guide for Developing a Multi-Stakeholder Process
Facilitating Health Care Coverage for Juvenile Justice-Involved Youth - Models for Change Resource
Family Centered Treatment
Family Centered Treatment Webinar Presentation
Family-Focused Initiatives Survey Results Summary
Fightin’ and Fussin’: An Examination of School Arrests, Adjudications, and Dispositions in Delaware
Final 2018 Annual Conference Agenda
Final 2018 DMC Conference Agenda
Focus: Reauthorization of the JJDPA, The Federal-State Partnership to Protect Vulnerable Youth and Effectively Respond to Delinquency