Improving Responses to Youth Charged with Status Offenses: A Training Curriculum

CJJ has created a training curriculum on "Improving Responses to Youth Charged with Status Offenses." Upon completion of the training, and with the aid of reference materials, participants will understand and be able to effectively advocate for and identify how to implement the principles outlined in the National Standards for the Care of Youth Charged with Status Offenses in their jurisdiction. The training curriculum is divided into four parts: an introduction; modules on the first, second, and third sections of the National Standards; and a fact sheet with definitions of common terms used when discussing status offenses.

Each module in this curriculum includes an instructor’s guide, PowerPoint slides, and handout materials that will allow trainers with basic subject matter expertise to deliver this training to a wide range of audiences.  Each section of this curriculum will require the instructor to prepare in advance of the training, tailoring the materials to the jurisdiction and to the audience. Sample “scripts” are provided throughout, to help guide the discussion and highlight important points. 

Training Curriculum Materials

Introduction (pdf)

Module 1: Principles for Responding to Status Offenses 

Module 2: Efforts to Avoid Court Involvement

Module 3: Efforts to Limit Court Involvement

Youth Charged with Status Offenses: Definitions of Common Terms (pdf)