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      Implementing Justice: State Advisory Groups' Critical Role in Reducing Incarceration

      January 18 at 3:00 p.m. Eastern

      In 2017, Utah's state legislature enacted sweeping reforms that aimed to reduce the state's population of incarcerated youth by nearly 47 percent by 2022. The changes will free up nearly $70 million over the next five years, funds that will be reinvested into evidence-based practices. Participants will learn more about these reforms, how they came to be, and what the implementation process looks like. What made legislators interested in reforming juvenile justice, and what role has the State Advisory Group played in passing and implementing the bill?

      Presenters include:
      Pamela Lachman, Deputy Director for Juvenile Policy, Crime and Justice Institute at Community Resources For Justice
      Rep. Lowry Snow, Utah House of Representatives, District 74
      Pam Vickrey, Utah SAG Chair and Executive Director of Utah Juvenile Defender Attorneys 

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