CJJ's membership consists of State Advisory Group members, Organizational Members, Individual Members, and Youth Members. If you are interested in learning more about the types of membership, click here.

State Advisory Groups

State Advisory Groups (SAGs) were established under the Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Act (JJDPA) and SAG members are appointed by Governors/Chief Executives in each U.S. jurisdiction. They are principally responsible for monitoring and supporting their state's progress in addressing the four core requirements of the JJDPA. SAGs are an invaluable part of CJJ’s coalition. Click here to learn how SAGs benefit as members of CJJ.

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Organizational Members

All organizations are welcome to join CJJ as Organizational Members. Organizational Members are organizations concerned with creating optimal delinquency prevention programs, policies, and practices. These can include nonprofits, private companies, foundations, governmental organizations, and others. Click here to learn more about how and why your organization should become a CJJ member.

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Governmental Agency Members

Governmental agencies, particularly court systems, probation departments, child-welfare agencies, and educational agencies, play an important role in addressing the needs of young people in the justice system, and those at risk of becoming involved in the justice system. Becoming a Governmental Agency Member is open to agencies of state and local governments that share CJJ’s Core Principles. Click here to learn why your agency should become a CJJ member.

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Individual Members

CJJ is a true coalition and proudly represents a diverse body of members including juvenile justice practitioners, service providers, youth, parents, public officials, concerned citizens, and others. Individual Members are an integral part of our coalition. Click here to learn more about how and why you should join CJJ as an individual member.

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Youth Members

CJJ proudly represents emerging leaders that are interested in juvenile justice reform. CJJ youth members are vital to our mission. If you under the age of 25, you may join CJJ as a Youth Member for a discounted rate of only $35 annually. Click here to learn more about how and why you should join CJJ as a Youth Member.

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