10 Self-Care Tips

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Author: Tracey Wells-Huggins is CJJ's Ethnic and Cultural Diversity Chair and is a member of New Jersey's State Advisory Group.

10 Self-Care Tips:

1. Listen to your body! As a Somatics Practitioner, it is important that I have you understand that we are holding things within our soma/bodies that can lead to an immuno-compromised state. Rest and disengage when you need to! Breathe deeply, often, and intentionally.

2. Do something for your peace of mind and increased positive energy. Pray, meditate, do yoga, do calisthenics, take a walk. Data indicates that 10-15 minutes of dedicated activities like these daily are incredible effective for stress relief.

3. Limit social media, especially in the first hour of your waking day.

4. Get enough sleep! Disconnect! Again, I say, BREATHE!

5. Declutter and clean your key areas: Desks, closets, those "junk" drawers almost everyone has somewhere in the house. It's cleansing! 

6. Read some great books. As the uber geek that I have always been, there is absolutely NOTHING like turning pages to soothe my nerves. However, I have found that audiobooks can be a great asset, too. Whichever you prefer, do it.

7. Make room for simple fun. You determine what that looks like for you and rock out!

8. Love on one another! Cuddle when you can! Observe social distancing practices with common sense, please. When safely at home, love heartily to help sustain one another.

9. Re-assess the things YOU value in life.

10. Celebrate each day! While there are so many things seemingly beyond our control, let's control the things we can: our thought life and the things we speak over our lives, loved ones, and circumstances. As any anxiety attempts to creep in, hold fast to your faith. Speak life, abundance, and health over yourselves and your loved ones often.