2020 Annual Conference: We Went Virtual!

CJJ's 2020 Annual Conference and Council of State Advisory Groups

CJJ's 2020 Annual Conference, "Dreaming Big Together: Youth Justice Reimagined", took place virtually November 18-20.

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Each year, the Coalition for Juvenile Justice (CJJ) hosts a national conference uniquely focused on improving juvenile justice and delinquency prevention systems, services, practices, and policies. More than 400 juvenile justice practitioners and advocates from across the U.S. and its territories are accepted to join together for this unique virtual event.  

CJJ’s 2020 Annual Conference focused on the latest research, developments, and challenges facing our field today. Specifically, the conference focused on:

  • How can states and communities serve as leaders in shaping a better juvenile justice system for our most vulnerable youth?
  • How can we improve collaborations with young people with lived experiences in the systems we work with?
  • What can be done to build on successes and continue to improve systems so that they best serve young people, including those touching multiple systems?
  • What role do advocacy and public health play as communities seek to improve services and provide for trauma-informed care that addresses and heals multi-generational trauma?


CJJ's 2020 Annual Awards Ceremony. We honored 2020 awardee's on November 19th for their outstanding work in the Juvenile Justice System.

Each year, CJJ recognizes leaders in the field of juvenile justice through our Annual Awards. The Tony Gobar Award is given in honor of a state juvenile justice specialist who has done outstanding work to improve juvenile justice. The A.L. Carlisle Child Advocacy Award is awarded to an individual who has made outstanding contributions to youth, to juvenile justice improvement efforts, or in the broader area of juvenile justice and delinquency prevention concerns. The Spirit of Youth Award recognizes and celebrate a young adult who overcame personal obstacles in their life, but is now making significant contributions to society.

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